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Weddings are big business. However, the truth is that there have never been more venues in the UK licensed to run weddings and there have never been more venues willing to host the reception. Competition for this market is fierce.  At the same time, couples are spending more than ever on their big day. Couples are also being more demanding on what they get for their investment. Different people will always want different things from their big day, but what is clear is that couples want wow factor on their big day. In short, to win the business, your venue has to stand out from the crowd in terms of meeting your target couples’ specific needs.

In a recent survey on 100 venues across the UK who advertise themselves as a wedding venue, we rang to ask for a wedding brochure. 69 venues at this point of contact only took the following details without asking any more questions about the potential wedding;

Ø  32 venues just took the name and address

Ø  15 venues took a telephone number in addition

Ø  22 venues took an email address in addition

Of the 69 venues above 61 sent either a brochure in the post or an e- brochure. 8 sent nothing. 5 followed up with a phone call to check if the brochure had been received. 18 followed up with an email asking if they could help further. None invited the couple for a show round.

31 of the 100 contacted put our researcher through to a wedding specialist who asked more questions about the wedding. Of the 31 only 18 invited the couple for a show round at this point in the enquiry. Of the 18 only 10 made a compelling case for coming on the show round. Would your venue be one of the 10% in this survey?

This programme is focussed on your venue getting and converting more enquiries and maximising wedding sales as a result. This dynamic one-day programme is a collaboration between Wendy Clark of Maxima Training and Ciara Crossan of Wedding dates, via a live video link. How much is the average wedding worth to your venue? What if you could convert just one more wedding as a result of attending this day?

Target Audience

Suitable for anyone, no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are, responsible for converting wedding enquiries into confirmed sales.

Aim of the Programme

To enable participants to maximise wedding sales for your venue.

Programme Content

The day will be fast paced and participants will have many opportunities to discuss and share ideas. We will be exploring the key role social media plays in the wedding sales process and how your venue could benefit from this to attract enquiries. We will focus on how essential it is to make a great first impression on the couple at their first point of contact. We will focus on how important it is to get the couple in for a show round and to discuss their plans. We will focus on making your wedding show round a WOW experience that differentiates your venue from your competition. We will explore how you can utilise the science of persuasion to give the couple a compelling reason to book with you. We will look at current trends and ideas you can share with the couple to enhance their big day both maximise their satisfaction and sales.

Key content:

  • How to use the wedding sales cycle to maximise wedding sales.
  • How to use current trends in weddings to grow your business
  • How to use social media to identify and attract wedding business
  • How to turn requests for wedding brochures into a wedding show round
  • How to maximise sales conversion from a wedding show round
  • Using the laws of persuasion principles to get prospective buyers to book now
  • How to maximise sales and customer satisfaction from the moment they confirm the booking to the wedding day itself
  • How to follow up the wedding day with an eye to future business from the couple and their friends

 Programme Duration

One day - 0930-1630

 Programme Fee

£350.00 per person plus vat - Rate includes training, training materials, The MAX Guide of Maximising Wedding Sales for your Venue, morning and afternoon refreshment and lunch.

If you book two or more people on the same programme, then we can offer the special rate of £325.00 per person plus vat.

Ireland - 350 euros per person - Rate includes training, training materials, The MAX Guide of Maximising Wedding Sales for your Venue, morning and afternoon refreshment and lunch.

If you book two or more people on the same programme, then we can offer the special rate of 325.00 euros per person.

Programme Leaders

Wendy Clark was Director of Sales in the hotel industry before co-founding Maxima Training & Development with Martin Pepper in 1995.  Wendy has developed dynamic training programmes on maximising sales from show rounds and wedding enquiries which have helped many people to grow their wedding business. Wendy is passionate about sales and great customer service. Wendy says 'Of all the things venues sell, weddings are the most demanding, yet also the most fun'. Wendy has two daughters and says 'You never know when I may be asked for advise on a potential venue in the near future. I am always looking for ideas'.

Ciara Crossan is the founder and CEO of WeddingDates, which is an innovative software and marketing solution to drive wedding revenue. Ciara knows a lot about weddings, what couples are look for, how they buy, how they increasingly use social media. Ciara has a wealth of knowledge to share together with her passion and enthusiasm. Ciara says, 'people getting married, couples have so much choice when it comes to potential venues.'  The question you need to ask yourself is why should they choose our venue? On this programme we want to help you with an amazing answer to that!

What our delegates say

Wendy was so lovely. Very accommodating, made me feel very at home and welcome from the moment I arrived! She made everything so clear and easy to understand with a modern twist it wasn't the usual boring course that one would expect sitting down taking notes for 8 hours. A mixture of getting up and moving around, to watching short clips and real-life stories that had happened but fitted well into the course.

I learnt a lot and have already bought a number of things back to the office with me and used them already in a wedding show round I had on Saturday morning!

Ciara is so passionate about weddings and I found the social media part very helpful.

Ciara had a wealth of knowledge on couples buying behaviour which made me think of the the changes in the way we currently sell weddings.

I love purple cows and key laws of influence

Thank you Wendy for so many simple tips to wow the couple

I have been on other wedding training where it seemed to be all about the trainer and what you should or shouldn't do. It was very black and white. I really enjoyed your training; it was all about the couple and the need to understand what they want from their day and helping them to get it. I really appreciated discussing ideas with an open mind and mot being told what to do. Thank you.

I liked that you encouraged us all to be different from each other and be creative.

Thank you for the show round tips. We had a meeting when I got back and we have put new ideas in place. I have already done two show rounds and used some of the techniques. The show round worked a lot better and both couples have booked!!

I have already had several positive commitments from your confetti idea from couples they loved it.

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