Get transformational insight into yourself and others

The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile is created from an easy-to-use psychometric preference test, based on the psychology of Carl Jung.

Words are words, promises are promises, only performance is reality.

How does it work?

You take the test online and there are 25 questions for you to work through. There are no right or wrong answers you just have to confirm your preferences. From your answers we create your personal and unique Insights Discovery profile.

Your Insights Discovery profile is a powerful personal and team development tool, that gives you an engaging and transformational insight into yourself and others which you can use to optimise productive relationships in the workplace and beyond.

The Insights Discovery methodology uses a simple and memorable four colour model to help people understand their style, their strengths and the value they bring to the team. We call these the colour energies, and it’s the unique mix of Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue energies, which determines how and why people behave the way they do.

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Want to take a teaser test?

Try our colour preference indicator test below. Answer just two questions and it will give you a feel for which colour energies you may lead with.

Curious about what your Discovery profile will look like?

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Who would benefit from completing a profile?

Anyone is the simple answer. Self-awareness is key to the success of every individual, and that’s exactly what Insights Discovery delivers. A better understanding of self and others means that relationships at work can become vehicles for, not barriers to, business success.

Insights Discovery is for anyone who:

  • Needs to understand the impact of their personal style
  • Wants to have effective relationships with their colleagues
  • Hopes to achieve success through building strong partnerships
  • Is striving to improve communications and minimise conflict

All profiles include the Foundation chapter and you can add other chapters depending on your needs:

Foundation Chapter

At the core of the profile sits the Foundation Chapter which includes an Overview of Personal Style, Key Strengths & Weaknesses, Value to the Team, Communication, Possible Blind Spots, Dealing with your Difficult Person and Suggestions for Development. The Foundation chapter also includes a fascinating visual representation of where the respondent is applying themselves in each of the four colour energies.

Management Chapter

The Management chapter is the ideal companion to the Foundation chapter for those who want to increase their understanding of how they manage others and how they might prefer to be managed. It explores our Ideal Environment, Needs in Being Managed, Motivation, and Management Style.

Personal Achievement Chapter

This chapter sheds light on factors that contribute to us living our lives with a greater sense of purpose. It fits well with programmes concerning well-being and resilience and can be useful in a one-to-one coaching programme. The chapter includes Living on Purpose, Time & Life Management, Personal Creativity, Lifelong Learning, and Learning Style.

Effective Selling Chapter

This chapter is an ideal component for a sales training programme and an excellent coaching tool for sales managers to use with their team members. The chapter explores Before the Sale Begins, Identifying Needs, Proposing, Handling Buyer Resistance, Gaining Commitment, Follow-up and Follow-through & Sales Preference indicators.

Interview Chapter

This chapter is a one-page supplement providing pertinent questions to assist in the selection process. The questions probe and stretch the candidate, raising levels of self-awareness and identifying areas of strength and areas for development.


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What can you do with your Discovery profile?

Everyone receives a unique and in-depth Insights Discovery Personal Profile, which is the core of a host of different learning experiences – from individual coaching sessions, to e-learning to group workshops. Using the profiles as a springboard, we work with your people, teams and leaders to tackle specific challenges you may have that are preventing the team from reaching peak performance, such as effective communication, management styles, sales performance and finding an environment that inspires them to do their best work.

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Discovery Facts

  • Based on the psychology of Carl Jung
  • Recognised by the British Psychological Society
  • The model uses four colours to represent observable behavioural patterns
  • Profiles are created through a 25-frame online evaluator
  • Five chapters available you always have the foundation chapter and can add any of the others
  • 20-40-page Discovery personal profiles are unique to everyone
  • Independently assessed and found to comply with the EFPA Test Review guidelines
  • Flexible pricing per profile based on the chapters required