MAX Sales Conversion from Meetings & Events Enquiries focuses on developing the processes and skills required to convert an enquiry into a confirmed sale

The truth is that many people making enquiries at your venue are also comparing you with another venue. Therefore, how you handle their enquiry can be the difference between you getting the business versus your competition.

We have designed this open sales training programme to be highly motivational, practical and focused on enabling your Meetings & Events sales enquiry team to maximise sales conversion for your venue. The programme shares best industry practices combined with fundamental business principles, all focused on maximising sales conversion and customer satisfaction.

If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.

Tony Robbins, Author and Motivational speaker

Target audience

Suitable for anyone no matter how experienced they are, responsible for converting conference, meeting, banqueting, wedding and event enquiries into confirmed sales.


To enable participants to maximise meeting and event sales conversion from    enquiries by utilising key selling skills and the Maxima ONE-STOP sales process.


By the end of this programme, participants will know how to.

Utilise a positive mind-set to drive sales conversion

Use the MAX Buyer Transition model to influence buyers to buy

Process email enquires or online bookings

Work with different buyer types such as agents, corporates or private bookings

Use six key laws of persuasion to influence buyers to buy

Use the MAX ONE STOP sales process to successfully process enquiries

Open a call with a wow welcome

Use a focused question technique to fully understand the customer Need

Explore opportunities to add value by digging deeper

Summarise the enquirers need so they know we fully understand

Select the best option to meet the customer need

Turn the customer on to the solution presented selling value not price

Turn the customer on to additional sales which add value to the customer experience

Overcome potential barriers to the sale using a concern resolution model and key negotiation skills to get over price objections and let me think about it

Gain Positive commitment from the customer to buy or to the next logical step in the sales process such as a show round

End the call with a Positive last impression

Chase provisional bookings

Style of programme

This is a power packed day. Highly motivational, participative and full of real life examples to bring the subject to life. We believe training should be fun and that training should build confidence. We strive to make delegates feel at ease so they can soak up the experience and bring back new skills and ideas to your business.

Support Material

Every participant attending will receive a copy of the MAX Guide to Maximising Sales Conversion from M&E Enquiries. This is a comprehensive workbook with supporting notes for ongoing reference.


Investment and how to book

Investment includes……….

1.A quality day of motivational face-to-face training

2.The MAX Learning Guide to Maximising Sales Conversion From M & E Enquiries

3.Welcome refreshment

4.Mid-morning refreshment


6.Mid afternoon refreshment

£385 per person plus VAT

Investment in perspective

£385 divided by 52 weeks being the year ahead, = 7.40 per week. So, all a person you sign up to this programme need do is increase profits for your organisation by £7.40 per week over the next year to cover your investment.

How to book

To make a booking email or call 01403 733337

Programme Leader

Martin, Managing Director of Maxima Training & Development.

Martin developed his early career in sales and operations in both airlines and hotels. He has been a National Director of Sales in the hotel industry and was Director of Sales Training & Business Development for Forte PLC before founding Maxima in 1995.

Martin has over 35 years of global sales & business experience to share with you on this programme. He has worked with some of the top sales leaders in industry from around the world and the good news is that successful people leave clues! Clues that Martin will share with you on this programme.

Martin is valued by clients for his knowledge and ability to motivate with humour and real-life stories. A qualified trainer, coach and Licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner, Martin is passionate believer in positive possibility thinking.

What our delegates say

  • "Martin was brilliant, you can tell he is a true professional with passion and experience."

  • "I’ve learnt new skills and to use the skills I already had in a better and improved way"

  • "I love the process; it has really helped me to focus on the customer’s specific needs"

  • "I now know to ask a lot more questions to establish the customers specific needs before I start trying to sell."

  • "This has really helped me to convert more business. I love the law of scarcity and liking. It works.Now I focus on putting the benefits across to the client I get much less price resistance."

Open programmes which dovetail with this programme

  • MAX New Business Development Skills
  • MAX Negotiation Skills
  • MAX Account Development Skills
  • MAX Sales Conversion from Show Rounds

Terms and conditions

On receipt of your booking Maxima will confirm your booking via email. Maxima will also invoice you the fee for the programme for which the payment is due on receipt. All fees must be paid prior to the training day.

Once booked, fees are not refundable, and cancellations are charged in full. Substitutions are allowed at any time. In case of sickness and or unavoidable problems on the day, then we will endeavour to get the participant onto the next available programme.

Maxima reserve the right to cancel or postpone any programme where minimum numbers are not obtained. In such a case, participants will be offered a full refund or a place on an alternative programme. Should a programme need to be postponed or cancelled, Maxima will notify participants at least 21 days in advance of commencement of the programme.

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