We are Maxima Training & Development.

We are a transformational people development company focused on helping you to maximise your business potential through motivated well-trained people.

We innovate bespoke, blended training and development solutions to address your specific business needs.

Words are words, promises are promises, only performance is reality.

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We are a bespoke training company, specialising in all aspects of leadership, teamwork, sales, customer service and communication.

Our business sales training covers a wide range of industries, such as hotels, venues, contract catering, restaurants, health care, retail, travel, financial services, pharmaceuticals, stadia, manufacturing, royal palaces, and many other market sectors.

Our Training & Development Expertise

If you need help maximising your business potential through your people, then we would be pleased to explore your needs to see how we can help optimise your work force.

MAX Bespoke Training

Our clients receive creative, bespoke business sales training solutions to help achieve their professional goals.

Insights Discovery

You’ll benefit from personalised enhanced learning, including coaching with Insights Discovery and more.


This programme takes into account the need for physical distancing and are tailored to individual needs.


Our coaching style is pragmatic, highly motivational and transformational.

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