“Words are words, promises are promises, only performance is reality.” The business world has evolved and continues to evolve rapidly. New technology, new legislation and new ways of working mean that the modern manager is no longer just a manager who can rely on positional power, age old management principles and a one-dimensional management style to get the job done.

The modern manager needs to inspire exceptional performance from a wide range of people with different skill sets and motivations. The modern manager can’t just manage in the traditional sense, they need to show leadership, they need to coach, they need to train, they need to motivate, they need to engender great teamwork and they need to get each, and every member of their team focused and contributing effectively to achieve the desired result.

The reality is that the modern manager has a very demanding and critical role to play in developing people and process in their area of responsibility, to develop the business.  Yet many managers promoted to this level of responsibility rarely receive formal training in the key areas of modern management and leadership, which directly impact on individual and team performance.

Our research with clients has shown that managers who have the opportunity to experience, study and understand the concepts we cover on this programme, are able to improve their own performance, and that of their team, by at least 10% and in many cases much, much more.

So, if you have a need to MAX Effective Leadership & Management Skills in your organisation then this programme will give you a great foundation to build upon.

Words are words, promises are promises,
only performance is reality

Harold Geneen
Business hero and author

Most desirable skills for Managers
and leaders

Leadership development solutions provider CMOE surveyed 2,100 senior leaders over 5 years to find the most desirable skills and talents a leader should have.

Here are their top 10:

1. Self-awareness (62.7%)
2. Compelling vision (54.8%)
1. Communication skills (45.2%)
2. Interpersonal skills (44.2%)
3. Values and ethics (41.9%)
4. Integrity (30.2%)
5. Coaching, training and feedback (21.8%)
6. Credibility (22.3%)
7. Planning and strategy (16.7%)
8. Management essentials (5.6%)

Who should attend?

This programme is suitable for anybody who has responsibility for leading and
managing a team. It works for both experienced and new managers and participants have included;

  • GM’s
  • Head Chef’s
  • Operations Managers
  • Front of House Managers
  • Directors of Sales
  • Sales Managers
  • Food & Beverage Managers
  • Accountants
  • Revenue Managers
  • Reservations Managers
  • Conference and Banqueting Managers
  • Restaurant Managers
  • Leisure Club Managers
  • Office Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • HR Managers 


Over 250 people have attended this programme in the past two years.

If you need help deciding if this programme is right for you or your people, then contact us and we will analyse your need and give you our considered advice.

We also run MAX Effective Leadership & Management Skills as a bespoke in-house programme if that works better for your team.


To enable participants to audit their selling behaviours against top sales performers to identify where they can make improvements that will supercharge their selling in 2024.

Style of programme

This is an intensive programme focusing on all the key tools and techniques required of leaders and managers in today’s fast moving business environment. We have designed MAX Effective Leadership & Management Skills as a blended development programme, by which we mean participants will be asked to invest time in learning in a variety of ways, so they fully understand the subject.

The programme will be highly motivational, participative, practical and full of real-life examples. There will be quality input on state-of-the-art leadership and management techniques, there will be discussion, there will be group exercises and role play. We will also use case studies. This is a very hands-on practical programme, focused on improving both goal driven personal and team performance. During the programme, we will provide participants with a framework of 21st century leadership and management skills, principles and processes, which will enable participants to leave with a practical toolkit of best practice management techniques which they can implement immediately on their return to work.

On the programme, each person will receive their personal Discovery profile, which will help them to understand their personal communication, management and leadership style. It will also help them understand the wide range of work preferences they will encounter in the people that they lead. By understanding these work preferences, participants will be able to better adapt and connect with the people they are leading, which will help the team to maximise their performance. Each participant will also receive a personalised copy of the MAX guide to Effective Leadership & Management Skills. This book is packed with notes and top tips that the participant can use for
ongoing reference.

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to;

1. Understand the difference between management and leadership and why the modern leader needs to use both disciplines.

  • Understand the role and characteristics of successful leaders and managers
  • To meet the demands of their manager and their team.


2. Understand the Insights Discovery concept of personal preferences

  • Utilise their Insights Discovery profile to understand their preferred communication, management and leadership styles as well as
  • their potential strengths and weaknesses as a manager
  • Utilise the Insights concept of personal preferences to better understand their team members personal preferences
  • Adapt their communication and influencing style to that of their team members to ensure maximum motivation and impact


3. Manage change

  • Understand the nature of change and why it is essential in driving people performance
  • Utilise an effective model for implementing change
  • Appreciate different people’s reactions to change and manage them effectively


4. Manage successful interpersonal communication

  • Overcome the barriers to effective communication
  • Build relationships through positive communication
  • Communicate more assertively in meetings
  • Influence and persuade colleagues to adopt their suggested course of action


5. Maximise personal effectiveness, time management and delegation

  • Utilise key techniques for self-management and management of the team
  • Identifying key result areas
  • Deal with information overload
  • Effectively utilise the process of delegation and enjoy the benefits
  • Use a model for effective delegation
  • Identify and overcome the barriers to effective delegation


6. Build the team, through effective people management and motivation

  • Distinguish team roles and responsibilities
  • Create the ability to recognise and manage the different roles
  • Maximise and maintain input and motivation – building the desire for results
  • Identify what motivates individuals and use this to drive personal performance
  • Recognise the signs of demotivation – and use tools and techniques to turn this around
  • Resolve conflict
  • Be assertive when required


7. Enhance team performance through coaching and development

  • Identify the team’s coaching and training needs
  • Use simple and effective coaching skills
  • Provide recognition and feedback
  • Respond to poor performers


Investment and how to book

The investment for this programme includes access to two days of highly motivational training and best practice in this area across the industry.

Each participant will receive a copy of the Max Guide to Effective Leadership &
Management Skills. They will also receive an Insights Discovery profile consisting of the Foundation and Management chapters.

The investment also includes refreshment on arrival, lunch and mid-morning and afternoon tea and coffee on both days.

The fee per person is £875 plus VAT please see terms and conditions below.
To make a booking email or call 01403 73333

Programme Leader

Martin developed his early career in sales and operations in both airlines and hotels. He has been a National Director of Sales in the hotel industry and was Director of Sales Training & Business Development for Forte PLC before founding Maxima in 1995.

Martin has over 35 years of global sales & business experience to share with you on this programme. He has worked with some of the top sales leaders in industry from around the world and the good news is that successful people leave clues! Clues that Martin will share with you on this programme.

Martin is valued by clients for his knowledge and ability to motivate with humour and real-life stories. A qualified trainer, coach and Licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner, Martin is passionate believer in positive possibility thinking.

What our delegates say

  • "Martin was brilliant, you can tell he is a true professional with passion and experience."

  • "I’ve learnt new skills and to use the skills I already had in a better and improved way"

  • "I love the process; it has really helped me to focus on the customer’s specific needs"

  • "I now know to ask a lot more questions to establish the customers specific needs before I start trying to sell."

  • "This has really helped me to convert more business. I love the law of scarcity and liking. It works.Now I focus on putting the benefits across to the client I get much less price resistance."

Terms and conditions

On receipt of your booking Maxima will confirm your booking via email. Maxima will also invoice you the fee for the programme for which the payment is due on receipt. All fees must be paid prior to the training day. Once booked, fees are not refundable, and cancellations are charged in full. Substitutions are allowed at any time. Maxima reserve the right to cancel or postpone any programme where minimum numbers are not obtained. In such a case, participants will be offered a full refund or a place on an alternative programme. Should a programme need to be postponed or cancelled, Maxima will notify participants at least 14 days in advance of commencement of the programme.

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