MAX Sales Negotiation Skills focuses on developing the processes and skills to enable a person to secure better outcomes for all parties using collaborative negotiation skills.

Negotiation is the master skill of business if not life itself. Many of the principles of negotiation have remained the same for thousands of years. However, in the 21st Century a lot is changing fast in the business world. Negotiation is becoming more a way of life than just something you do now and then. The truth is we are always negotiating and everything is becoming negotiable. Negotiation in the 21st Century is all about being creative, thinking outside the box and looking for opportunity. The truth is there is always a better deal for all concerned if you work hard to find it.

We have designed this open sales negotiation training programme, to be highly motivational, practical and focused on enabling anyone involved in sales negotiation to maximise profitable outcomes for your business. The programme shares best industry practices combined with fundamental business principles, all focused on maximising profitable outcomes for all concerned.

Never give up! Never, never, never, give up!

Winston Churchill’s response when the Head Boy at Harrow asked him for the greatest lesson of his life

Target audience

This programme is for anyone involved in sales negotiation, GMs, Directors of Sales, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Sales coordinators, Wedding coordinators or buyers.

The way the programme is set up means it works for both new and experienced sales negotiators.

Aim of the programme


To enable participants to confidently utilise the key principles and skills of selling, negotiation and influencing combined with a goal focused process to conduct collaborative negotiations which ensures a great deal for all parties


By the end of this programme, participants will know how to

Understand when and when not to negotiate.

Conduct collaborative and strategic sales negotiations where there is a better deal for you and a better deal for the customer.

Use the key principles of negotiation and influencing including the law of scarcity.

Understand the goal focused process all top collaborative negotiators use.

Understand, identify and use constants and variables imaginatively.

  • Use ‘What if?’ and ‘If then’ as powerful words to move negotiation forward.
  • Prioritise your concessions and their trade value.
  • Focus on value and benefits and not getting fixed only on price.
  • Recognise different styles people use in negotiation.
  • Work through deadlock.
  • Get commitment to the deal and to close the deal.

Style of Programme

This is a power packed day. Highly motivational, participative and full of real life examples to bring the subject to life. We believe training should be fun and that training should build confidence. We strive to make delegates feel at ease so they can soak up the experience and bring back new skills and ideas to your business.

The MAX Learning Guide

Every participant attending will receive a copy of the MAX Guide to Collaborative Sales Negotiation Techniques. This is a comprehensive workbook with supporting notes for ongoing reference

Investment and how to book

Investment includes……….

1.A quality day of motivational face-to-face training

2.The MAX Learning Guide to Effective Sales Negotiation

3.Welcome refreshment

4.Mid-morning refreshment


6.Mid afternoon refreshment

£385 per person plus VAT

Investment in perspective

£385 divided by 52 weeks being the year ahead, = 7.40 per week. So, all a person you sign up to this programme need do is increase profits for your organisation by £7.40 per week over the next year to cover your investment.

How to book

To make a booking email or call 01403 733337

Programme Leader

Martin Pepper

Martin developed his early career in sales and operations in both airlines and hotels. He has been a National Director of Sales in the hotel industry and was Director of Sales Training & Business Development for Forte PLC before founding Maxima in 1995.

Martin has over 35 years of global sales & business experience to share with you on this programme. He has worked with some of the top sales leaders in industry from around the world and the good news is that successful people leave clues! Clues that Martin will share with you on this programme.

Martin is valued by clients for his knowledge and ability to motivate with humour and real-life stories. A qualified trainer, coach and Licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner, Martin is passionate believer in positive possibility thinking.

What our delegates say

  • "The course was simply excellent."

  • "It was useful to be in a small group. This meant that I was constantly challenged."

  • "Thank you, the course went so fast and I feel much more confident about negotiation now."

  • "The role plays were great. They were fun to do, yet very challenging."

  • "This programme has helped me see a whole new world of possibilities doing business with my clients. I have already seen an improvement and I am no longer frightened when I am challenged on price."

Terms and conditions

On receipt of your booking Maxima will confirm your booking via email. Maxima will also invoice you the fee for the programme for which the payment is due on receipt. All fees must be paid prior to the training day.

Once booked, fees are not refundable, and cancellations are charged in full. Substitutions are allowed at any time. In case of sickness and or unavoidable problems on the day, then we will endeavour to get the participant onto the next available programme.

Maxima reserve the right to cancel or postpone any programme where minimum numbers are not obtained. In such a case, participants will be offered a full refund or a place on an alternative programme. Should a programme need to be postponed or cancelled, Maxima will notify participants at least 21 days in advance of commencement of the programme.

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