Negotiation is a master skill of business, if not life itself. This programme focuses on the principle that there is a better deal for all concerned if you work smart to find it. All too often, people see negotiation as a confrontation with each side trying to get the best deal for themselves.

During this programme, we explore how to become a collaborative negotiator, which means using selling, influencing and negotiation skills to get the best deal you can for all concerned. Collaborative negotiators think big. They are very valuable people because they contribute to building strong, mutually profitable relationships with their clients.

Never give up! Never, never, never, give up!

Winston Churchill’s response when the Head Boy at Harrow asked him for the greatest lesson of his life

Target audience

This programme is for anyone involved in sales negotiation, GMs, Directors of Sales, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Sales coordinators, Wedding coordinators or buyers.

The way the programme is set up means it works for both new and experienced sales negotiators.

Aim of the programme

To enable participants to confidently utilise the key principles and skills of selling, negotiation and influencing combined with a goal-focused process to conduct collaborative negotiations ensuring a great deal for all parties.

Programme content

This is an efficient, interactive and powerful programme, focusing on delivering results. We explore principles but bring them to life with real-life examples. Each participant will be given a copy of the MAX Guide to Sales Negotiation.

The content enables participants to:

  • Understand when and when not to negotiate.
  • Conduct collaborative and strategic sales negotiations with a better deal for you and a better deal for the customer.
  • Use the key principles of negotiation and influencing, including the law of scarcity.
  • Understand the goal-focused process all top collaborative negotiators use.
  • Understand, identify and use constants and variables imaginatively.
  • Use ‘What if?’ and ‘If then’ as powerful words to move the negotiation forward.
  • Prioritise your concessions and their trade value.
  • Focus on value and benefits and not getting fixed only on price.
  • Recognise different styles people use in negotiation.
  • Work through the deadlock.
  • Get commitment to the deal and close the deal.

The Programme

When an individual learner or a team sign up to a programme then the experience begins.

The MAX Learning Guide

We will send the individual The MAX Learning Guide on the subject they have signed up to. The MAX learning guide is a structured way to work through the programme. It provides space for learners to take notes and it has expanded information for ongoing reference.

Welcome to the programme zoom call

We will schedule a 15-minute zoom call with each learner to welcome them to the programme, explain the aims and objectives and process and to discuss their individual learning objectives.

Online modules

Learners will then be sent the link to an interactive online programme which they can work through at their own pace. The programme is set out in logical sections and works in conjunction with the learning guide. The length of the online programme will vary depending on the subject.

Group Zoom deep dive-session

Having completed the online modules, learners participate in group session on zoom, with all the other learners on the programme. During this typically two-hour session, we will go deeper into the subject and answer questions to help people absorb and apply the training. Learners also benefit from the social interaction. During this session we will run a quiz on the subject with live scoring. This is designed to give a point to the training and to help validate the training.

Online follow-up and exam

Following the Group Zoom deep dive, each learner will be sent a link to additional online learning and the validation exam for the programme. The results will be shared with the learner and a certificate will be issued to people who graduate from the programme.

Individual Zoom Coaching Session & Review

Each learner will then have a 1 hour Zoom coaching session with their Maxima coach. During this session, the learner will have the opportunity to explore any elements of the programme they need more help with. We will also be challenging the learner to confirm their action plan for using the learning in the real world.

Programme fee

£299 per person plus vat – Rate includes The MAX Guide to Sales Negotiation Skills and access to online modules to support the programme.

Programme Leaders

Martin Pepper – Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management MD Maxima Training & Development

Martin is the Managing Director of Maxima Training & Development. Martin has held Senior Management positions in the airline and hospitality industries and was Director of Sales Training & Business Development Worldwide for Forte Hotels before co-founding Maxima in 1995.

Martin is valued by clients for his experience, down to earth approach, fast pace, understanding of business reality, humour and ability to communicate in a motivational style that makes people want to take action.

Martin is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management in recognition of his outstanding contribution to developing salespeople in the hospitality industry. Martin is a sought-after conference speaker on a range of subjects related to developing people to develop business.

Martin is a qualified trainer and coach through the CIPD and is a licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner. A life-long learner, Martin has resisted the temptation to complete a PhD on the basis that no one would take a Doctor Pepper seriously!

What our delegates say

  • "The course was simply excellent."

  • "It was useful to be in a small group. This meant that I was constantly challenged."

  • "Thank you, the course went so fast and I feel much more confident about negotiation now."

  • "The role plays were great. They were fun to do, yet very challenging."

  • "This programme has helped me see a whole new world of possibilities doing business with my clients. I have already seen an improvement and I am no longer frightened when I am challenged on price."

Terms and conditions

On receipt of your booking Maxima will confirm your booking via email. Maxima will also invoice you the fee for the programme for which the payment is due on receipt. All fees must be paid prior to the training day.

Once booked, fees are not refundable, and cancellations are charged in full. Substitutions are allowed at any time. In case of sickness and or unavoidable problems on the day, then we will endeavour to get the participant onto the next available programme.

Maxima reserve the right to cancel or postpone any programme where minimum numbers are not obtained. In such a case, participants will be offered a full refund or a place on an alternative programme. Should a programme need to be postponed or cancelled, Maxima will notify participants at least 21 days in advance of commencement of the programme.

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