Understanding yourself to understand others better

This dynamic two-day programme has been specially designed to help salespeople maximise their sales effectiveness. The programme has been described as a game changing experience and the content can be tailored to address any specific needs individual salespeople or sales teams may have.

MAX Sales Effectiveness with Insights Discovery works for new and very experienced salespeople alike. The programme enables salespeople to see their customer’s in full colour, by this we mean salespeople understand their own selling preferences and different buyer’s buying preferences. As a result, salespeople can recognise buyer type more effectively with a view to adapting their own behaviour to better connect.

Words are words, promises are promises, only performance is reality.

Style of programme

Our approach is highly motivational, high energy, fast paced, interactive and fun with a point. We have worked as salespeople and have run sales teams, so we understand the real challenges facing salespeople today. 21st century salespeople need to be focused, agile, entrepreneurial, relationship engineers with exceptional communication skills. That’s what this programme is all about.

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How it works

We would agree your specific needs so that we can tailor the programme accordingly.

We would invite each member of your team to complete an Insights Discovery profile online. This produces a Sales Discovery profile for each individual sales team member.

The Insights Discovery® Personality Profile is a highly acclaimed development tool which gives individuals an engaging, reinforcing and transformational insight into themselves and others.

On this programme each Insights Discovery profile includes the Foundation and Effective Selling Chapters.

The Foundation chapter enables individuals to understand their style and approach, key strengths and weaknesses, value to the team, communication style, possible blind spots and opposite type.

The Effective Selling chapter enables salespeople to understand their selling style and gives detailed ideas for development across six key areas of the sales process.

Before the sale begins

  • Researching
  • Building trust
  • Clear objectives
  • Getting appointments

Identifying Needs

  • Listening
  • Questioning
  • Encouraging
  • Creating opportunities


  • Focused and relevant
  • Enthusiastic Presentation
  • Shows understanding of Needs
  • Organisation and Accuracy

Dealing with Buying Resistance

  • Direct Handling of Objections
  • Persuasion
  • Clarifying Details
  • Meeting Concerns

Gaining Commitment

  • Closing
  • Flexibility
  • Minimising Risks
  • Meeting Client’s needs

Follow-up and Follow Through

  • Maintains Contact
  • Account Planning
  • Relationship Maintenance
  • Developing the Account

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What is the purpose of the MAX Sales Effectiveness training?

The aim of the programme

To enable salespeople to utilise the Insights Discovery concept and their individual Insights Discovery profiles, to gain a unique insight into who they are and who their customers are, which enables the salesperson to adapt and connect more profitably with their customer base.

The objectives of the programme

As previously mentioned, these can be tailored to meet specific needs, but the core objectives are for participants to;

  • Understand the power of perception and how this affects the sales process
  • Understand the Insights concept of colour energies
  • Utilise their Discovery profile as a powerful tool for self-development
  • Understand where their customers sit on the Insights Discovery wheel in terms of buyer preferences
  • Understand how to adapt and connect with different buyer preferences
  • Analyse their personal strengths and weaknesses throughout the sales process with a view to creating a 90-day personal development plan to MAX their sales performance

How does the Sales Effectiveness Training work?

We design the programme to meet your specific needs based on your brief. The content for the two-day programme typically covers:

  • Insights Discovery – An introduction to a powerful concept for personal development
  • The Insights Discovery Personal Profile
  • The power of perception and how this affects the sales process
  • The four colour energies
  • Potential sales strengths and weaknesses throughout the sales process
  • The Discovery wheel and plotting buyers on the Discovery wheel
  • How to adapt and connect with each buyer type more profitably

We complete the programme with individuals creating a personal 90-day action plan to MAX their sales performance.

To support the programme everyone receives a hard copy and a pdf of their personal Insights Discovery profile consisting of the Foundation and Effective Selling Chapter.

They also get a personalised copy of the Discovering Sales Effectiveness with Discovery guide, colour blocks to remember to work on all their energies and access to an online module on Discovery for ongoing reference.

Who is the MAX Sales Effectiveness programme for?

This programme is designed for proactive salespeople who need to develop sales relationships and sales for your business

Programme Leader

Martin Pepper 

Martin  founded Maxima in 1995. Martin has held Senior Management positions in the airline and hospitality industries and was Director of Sales Training & Business Development World-wide for Forte Hotels.

Martin is valued by clients for his experience, down to earth approach, fast pace, understanding of business reality, humour and his ability to communicate in a motivational style that makes people want to take action.

Martin is a qualified trainer and coach through the CIPD and licensed Insights Discovery Practitioners and is also a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management