Evolving your personal leadership style

This is a bespoke programme designed to enable participants to evolve the culture within their area of responsibility, so that their whole team can perform at an optimum level consistently.

In short, participants will positively challenge what they do now with a view to improving work practices to improve their own and total team performance. The start point is a 2-day foundation programme. Participants agree a 90-day action plan during the programme. 30 days and 60 days after the programme participants have a coaching session to call them to account and to make sure they are on track. 90 days following the programme participants meet for the validation day where they present on how they have worked through their action plan and give evidence of what they have achieved. This will be a key part of the programme as participants know there is an expectation that they have to transform their leadership style.

Words are words, promises are promises, only performance is reality.

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What are the aims and objectives?

To enable the target audience to utilise the Discovery concept, their transformational leadership profile and the Transformational Leadership Model, to focus on key improvements they can make to transform their personal leadership style.

MAX Transformational Leadership programme style

The style of the programme will be highly motivational, participative and full of real-life examples and practical illustrations to bring the model to life. Each participant will receive a new Discovery profile, their transformational leadership profile and a transformational leadership workbook with key concepts to support the training and to capture their 90-day action plan.

How it works

We create bespoke programmes based on your specific needs. We run Transformational Leadership as part of a leadership academy for many of our clients. Below we have set out how a typical programme works.

Below, we have set out how a typical programme works.

Step one: The Transformational Leadership Foundation programme

Normally a 2-day programme. We will take the team through what Effective Transformational Leadership is. The content will be tailored based on the needs of the team but key elements we cover are;

The Insights Discovery Transformational Leadership Model which has 4 key parts. The aim is to get people to be balanced. Most people are good at working with one or maybe two of the four areas. This programme gets people to focus on all four key areas which is proven to transform the person’s leadership style and get much enhanced results.

Results Leadership

Excelling in Results Leadership requires leaders to access their Cool Blue and Fiery Red energies. This brings a strong task focus, the ability to prioritise and get the job done in an efficient manner. Results leadership relies strongly on the thinking function, enabling the leader to be objective and rigorous in rationalising problems and challenges.

Visionary leadership

Excelling in Visionary Leadership requires leaders to draw predominantly on a combination of Fiery Red and Sunshine Yellow energies. Drawing on these extraverted energies enables the leader to look outwards to the environment, to assess the needs and opportunities that exist and identify ways to fulfil them. Visionary Leadership also relies to a significant degree on the use of intuition, which brings the ability to make connections and see possibilities that others miss.

Relationship Leadership

Excelling in Relationship Leadership requires leaders to access both Sunshine Yellow and Earth green energies. This brings focus on nurturing relationships that enable mutual respect and collaboration. This manifestation of leadership relies strongly on the feelings function ensuring that the consideration of others is central to all interactions. With the feeling function, there is also an inherent desire to be accommodating and supportive of others.

Centred Leadership

Exceling in Centred Leadership requires leaders to draw predominantly on a combination of Earth Green and Cool Blue energies. Drawing on these introverted energies enables leaders to focus inward, reflecting on their thoughts, feelings, values and motivations. Centred Leadership also draws on the Sensing function, enabling the individual to consider their past experiences and bring awareness to the beliefs and values on which their leadership is built. Effective use of this function also allows a leader to be fully ‘present’; alert to what is going on in the moment, paying full attention to the task in hand.

We will explore each area to see where the individual can make improvements. We will also produce an Insights Discovery Transformational Leadership profile for each member of the team. The profile gives each individual insight into the 8 dimensions of leadership which are the foundation for the Effective Transformational leadership model. These are:

  • Agile Thinking – The ability for individuals and the team to engage different thinking modes
  • Leading from Within – Raising self-awareness and living your values
  • Facilitating Development – nurturing the growth of self and others
  • Fostering Teamwork – collaborating to build effective relationships
  • Communicating with Impact – inspiring and influencing with emotional awareness
  • Creating a Compelling Vision – determining a winning direction
  • Leading Change – Initiating and directing transformation
  • Delivering Results – Honouring commitments and exceeding expectations

All the above are linked to the Insights Discovery Colour energies. The key is to understand that to be a Transformational Leadership team you need to utilise all the colour energies because all high performing teams are balanced.

The outcome from the foundation 2 days is that that individuals agree and commit to several new transformational work disciplines which they work on in their own 90-day Transformational Leadership action plan.

Step two: The individual works through their 90-day action plan with coaching support

At 30 days and 60 days following the training day each participant will have a personal coaching session. This is to call people to account and keep them on track and to help them with any barriers they may have encountered.

Step three: 90 days following training the team meet again

Each participant reports back on what they have achieved to the group and to senior managers with their individual 90-day action plan.


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Who should attend?

This programme is designed for people in leadership positions who need to be able to transform their part of the organisation.

Programme Leaders – Martin Pepper & Wendy Clark

Martin and Wendy founded Maxima in 1995. Martin has held Senior Management positions in the airline and hospitality industries and was Director of Sales Training & Business Development World-wide for Forte Hotels. Wendy has held senior sales positions in advertising and hospitality and became one of the youngest sales directors in London before starting her own business in personal communication called Positive Projection.

Martin is valued by clients for his experience, down to earth approach, fast pace, understanding of business reality, humour and his ability to communicate in a motivational style that makes people want to take action.

Wendy is valued by clients for her direct and honest feedback and the practical insights she brings to help people and organisations grow. Wendy is often described as inspirational.

Both Martin and Wendy are qualified trainers and coaches through the CIPD and licensed Insights Discovery Practitioners. Martin is also a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management