Coaching unlocks a person’s potential to maximise their performance. Coaching helps them to learn for themselves rather than by teaching them.

Our coaching style has been described as pragmatic, highly motivational and transformational. Our aim is to get people thinking for themselves and in time, to become their own coach.

Coaching plays a key part in the blended learning solutions we offer. We have worked with many people in many organisations helping them to maximise their effectiveness. All the coaching we run is tailored to the individual and team needs.

If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for life.

attributed to Confucius

How we coach

We run coaching sessions in several ways face-to-face and via Zoom.

Individual coaching where we work with someone to identify and achieve specific goals.

Team coaching where we work with the team to identify and achieve specific goals. This usually starts with a team coaching session to establish the team goal and the current gap in performance. We then run individual coaching sessions with team members to help them focus on the goal and the work they need to do to enable the team to make their contribution to achieving the team goal. The final session is always a team session where individuals take accountability for their actions and how they have contributed to the team goal.

Some of the areas we help people through coaching are;

  • Mindset coaching to ensure the optimum attitude and focus
  • Productivity coaching to get people working at peak performance
  • Leadership coaching to enable people to lead effectively
  • Sales coaching to enable people to sell more effectively
  • Communication skills coaching to enable people to work more effectively with others
  • Entrepreneur coaching to get people to be more creative with their business
  • Customer focus coaching to get people to see things from the customers view point
  • Presentation skills coaching to get people ready for that big conference speech or sales pitch

Please download this pdf as an example of one of our coaching programmes:

If you think we may be able to help people in your organisation with coaching, then the start point is to explore your need and then we can create bespoke proposals for consideration.