Personal Discovery Profile And Online Discovery Training Module Special Offer


As this is a personal profile you need to make a separate purchase for any additional profiles required using their details. Alternatively contact for large or bespoke orders.

This special offer is a personal Insights Discovery profile consisting of the foundation Chapter with a full online explanation of all the colour energies and how you adapt and connect to each energy. This profile is a story about you. It is generated from a 25-question evaluator which you complete online. From the information you supply we create your unique profile which includes sections on your

  • Personal style
  • Interacting with others
  • Decision making
  • Key strengths
  • Possible weaknesses
  • Your value to the team
  • Effective communication
  • Barriers to effective
  • communication
  • Possible blind spots
  • How to adapt and connect with your opposite type
  • You also get your personal Insights graphs which show you how you are using the four colour energies.


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